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Meet Ray York and Beth Phillips-York! What makes The York Team stand out among all the other Realtors in Kirkland? What’s unique about The York Team is that Beth has over 15 years of Residential Real Estate experience, and Ray comes from 14+ years in New Construction Management & Sales. Combined & with their team, they cover the real estate gamut; luxury properties, re-sale, land development, new construction, condos, & investments in 3 counties. Combine their knowledge, professionalism and lots of fun and you have The York Team!

Question: What is your favorite thing or something unique about Kirkland?
Ray: I love how Kirkland used to be just a tucked away little town on Lake Washington and how it still has that flavor and vibe to it but, it’s definitely grown! Its become a very popular place to live, work and play including all of the quaint little neighborhoods that are a part of Kirkland today.

Question: What inspired you or led you to your current career?
Beth: I’ve been doing real estate for 15 years. When I started I wanted a job that was flexible so I could still be a mom and I love design, architecture, historic homes and meeting new people, so once I put all those things together, selling homes was just a perfect fit. From day one, it felt like a natural passion and continues to challenge me.

Ray: I found a passion for real estate when I was buying a new construction home. It wasn’t a time when there was much inventory around, so we really had to hunt for something that fit what we needed and it became an obsession to find it. Once I finally found the home and ended up buying it, I decided that what I really wanted to do was make real estate my next career.

Question: What is your favorite restaurant in Kirkland and what do you love about it?
Ray: Okay, that answer is going to change from day to day depending on what we’re in the mood for but we like The Bottle & Bull, Cactus and Park Lane Public House for great food and service.

Beth: We also go to the Lodge every now and again, and Wilde Rover is fun too.

Question: So how long have you worked in Kirkland?
Beth: We’ve had our office here for two years, but we’ve both done quite a bit of business over the years in Kirkland and surrounding areas.

Question: Who is the most interesting person you’ve met here in Kirkland?
Beth: Shannon at the Heathman Hotel. He’s the head chef there and for Salish lodge, he’s very outgoing, creative and he and Ray love to talk about cars too. We were invited to attended the Heathman’s new restaurant opening, Hearth and met quite a few fantastic people.

Question: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
Ray: Oh, probably Europe, I think.

Beth: Definitely Greece, Italy, Capri, France, Germany, Austria & Spain. They have incredible history, architecture and varied culture that you just can’t find in the States. That might be a few trips; so much to cover!

Question: What is your favorite movie or what is the first movie you remember seeing in a theater?
Ray: Glen Garry, Glen Ross or Boiler Room – all about sales. The Game was really a great movie too.

Beth: The first movie I saw was probably The Never Ending Story, but that is dating me. I like anything avant garde or from the Cannes film festival; I’ll take the artsy and unique films any day over mainstream ones. Life is Beautiful is also one of my favorites.

Question: What advice would you give the people of Kirkland if you had their attention for a full 15 minutes?
Beth: I’d probably tell them to buy local, use your local Realtor, shop at the local farmer’s market and the myriad of independent shop owners and you’ll help sustain the local economy and help out a fellow neighbor.
Ray: I’d also love to see people using their bikes more and utilize carpooling to work so we can help cut down on the parking issues. I know you can’t always bike to where you need to go, but it would help, especially when the new Kirkland Urban Building opens for business.

Question: How are you involved with the community?
Ray- I joined the Fraternal Order of Eagles this year, Kirkland Aerie 2681 and am looking forward to participating in their many community and charity events; Beth’s been a member for years.

Beth- We don’t see a lot of homeless in Kirkland but there are absolutely struggling families! I am signed up as a volunteer at Hopelink and have supported Domestic Violence Programs for years; there is no room for that in our society, it has to be easier for these women to get help.

Question: What is something on your bucket list or maybe something non travel?
Ray: You know, I’d love to get back to racing cars on the track.

Beth: I’d love to sing in a band again, maybe start my own for fun! I loved the different venues and seeing people dance and have fun; it was a great outlet. That’s actually how I met Ray; at a band gig.

Question: I saw you won a Karaoke contest and you got in the finals or something, right?
Beth: Yes, it’s the national semi-finals for Washington in September. I’m still debating if I’ll follow through with that, I’d rather sing with a live band.

Question: What is your favorite music or three bands you would like to see – dead or alive.
Beth: My music interests are so varied; I’d love to see Adele, she has incredible pipes. Tina Turner would be amazing and locally we like to attend Chateau St. Michelle Concerts and The DogTones, and Herding Cats. Okay, that’s funny. The two local bands are cats and dogs.

Question: Where do you see yourself in five or 10 years?
Beth: Living in a high rise building, having a commercial investment, developing a larger real estate team, possibly in another state as well and traveling.

Question: Where’s your high rise – Seattle?
Beth: No, probably either Bellevue or Kirkland.

Question: What is something interesting that most people don’t know about you?
Ray: Yes, I love racing. It takes a lot of concentration, skill, planning and the speed is just exhilarating.

Beth: Many people don’t know that I’m also known as The Ghost Broker. I love real haunted houses and have had plenty of paranormal experiences that I’m writing about when I have time on my blog, So if you have a haunted house to sell or just need help getting those spirits to move on, call me.

Question: What three words or phrases come to mind when you think of the word home?
Beth: Refuge, cozy, sanctuary…
Ray; Love, safety, pride

Question: If you were cast into a major motion picture and had your choice of anyone to be your costar, who would you choose?
Beth: Matt Damon. Or Channing Tatum.
Ray: The Rock.

Question: I’m just going to switch gears here. I know you work with everyone, but when you think of your ideal client, who would that be? Do you have a special niche or favorite clients that are a really good fit?

Beth: Our ideal client is somebody who is making a transition of some sort. Maybe moving up, or downsizing. It’s a common theme for our age and demographic. People who are downsizing generally have a new house to buy and an old house to sell. I love making that balancing act happen. We also love working with the first-time home buyers and educating them on the process. It’s an exciting but scary time too, so the more they know what to expect, the better the experience is.

Ray: One of the great things about our team is that we don’t have to be just focused on the east side or a particular type of property. Beth and my production stays pretty close to the eastside or the Seattle metro area. But our team goes all over! That being said, they don’t go out on their own, we’re there whenever needed. Our team goes from Lacey & Tacoma where one of our team members is an Active Army Reservist at JBLM, to Arlington, my home town to Eastern WA. Having a team is an ideal situation and makes it so we can cover a larger geographical market area. Another thing is sometimes people look at our marketing and our promotions, and they say “You guys sell such beautiful homes, you wouldn’t want to help me buy or sell a less expensive home.” But that’s not true, we don’t judge you on the size of your investment.

Last Question: If you could have a full time staff member -fully paid for – who would you choose? Maybe a chef, housekeeper, driver, coach, physical fitness trainer?
Beth: Well, we already have an assistant, transaction coordinator, marketing creative, house cleaner and a fitness trainer, but a house manager would be great! Someone that cooks, does laundry, goes grocery shopping, pays the bills and cleans the cat box.
Ray: We’re never not working, so trying to fit in household stuff in the evening is problematic, we run out of gas. We also need a house/cat sitter for all that vacation time we want to take.

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